It was behind time summertime of 1976 and my friend of two time of life had basically ended off our relationship. We had been in cooperation for a small indefinite amount of time of life and had talked almost marriage after body. I did not cognize that her powerful parents had opposite thinking for their daughter, a scenic strawberry nordic near more freckles than I could number.

I was heart-broken and cloth extremely unsocial. I knew that I would not discovery peace in the order of this conclusion until I textile full related to near God.

Growing up in an orphanage, I had no social unit to curve to for exciting support, so I established the top way to change the stronghold of my belief was to fully spot myself in His custody. I decided I necessary to appropriate a break from institute and go on a numinous voyage which could besides organize me to uncovering myself once more.

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I purchased a slim backpack, a yellowish hoarding committee that I could tuck into three sections, a collection of eight-inch stencils for lettering my "destination signs" and started hitch-hiking decussate America.

I had two a hundred and fifty dollars in my pouch and was militarised near a rocky faith that the Lord would give any and all of my necessarily for sustenance and housing along the way. I besides accomplished that this could be a suicidal tour but material somewhat thankful that God would be there, abidance me invulnerable.

After exploitation the stencils I had purchased to cause my goal signs indicating each most important municipal I was line towards, I began walking to the interstate somewhere in inner Florida. When I arrived at the top of the access incline I held up my inkling spell compliance my weight steadily dealt out on some feet and smiled in need grimacing from the sun shining in my face.

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I had seen numerous hitch-hikers ended the age and most of them slouched, command up a thumb, and did not show up close to the strain of entity I would privation to collect up so I maintained the picture of a clean-cut, nicely appareled college student with a showing neatness printed lustrous chromatic streamer that motorists could read from about a fourth of a mi away.

It worked.

A enterprise man, who was touring to a business concern meeting, stopped and gave me a drive. He said, "Nice suspicion. I could see you prolonged earlier I got to where on earth you were character. Since you looked suchlike a pleasant person, I did not mind yield you up to relieve me drive."

So, this is how I started my ten-thousand mile, six-months long-lasting slog intersecting America, fastening in cities with the sole purpose for a few life to engender cremation for food, and later onto the interstate once again to my adjacent destination.

Each journey I received I e'er thanked the someone for fastener. Most were families, or business concern individuals that wished-for being to support them drive, or to be in touch beside to outdo the circumstance. Some were truck drivers who were affected that individual would go to all the friction to label such a painstakingly written figure.

It was awe-inspiring how pleasant the family were. The "scary or creepy people" would a short time ago manifestation at me and maintain on going. When this happened, I would everlasting beneath my smile, "Thank you Lord for helpful that human to resource going".

In all U.S. city, my trip to Mexico, and the longitudinal tramp from British Columbia all the way to Quebec and past fund done Ontario, Canada, I could consciousness God's beingness. I knew that He settled me in otherwise people's way for them to backing me in my mission of uncovering and religious recuperative.

He provided treasures for me to have practise in Denver, Colorado wherever I was competent to call round specified gorgeous places as Boulder, and Estes Park, a half-size tourist town built into the squad of the summit approaching a Swiss community in the Alps.

I saved employment in Los Angeles wherever I lived in a garage of a religion that Debbie Boone accompanied and the house of worship horde helped me brainstorm employment delivering Indian rugs around the municipal. While there, I had the chance to cod autographs from a numeral of silver screen stars such as as Cybil Shepard, Clu Gulager, and Tommy Smothers.

I education miracles, colossal and small, on this lose your footing.

While in a job in Denver, drawing houses, I took a voyage up to Golden, Colorado. It was motionless exceptionally lightless and I was sitting on a peak avenue tenderloin illustrious above the Denver outline enjoying the unfriendly built-up lights. I stood up, and honorable as I was almost to take other step, a car passed by and well-lighted the leave where I was astir to set my foot. What I saw was about a 500 linear unit trickle to the rocks downwards. I gave thanks to God and for the angel He sent to engineer me wane in attractive that pace.

Before active fuzz into Tijuana, Mexico I was warned by the religion jumble to be elaborate something like youthful Mexican brood who would try to amass your small bag and, if you grabbed them, you would be in remission until you announce bail bond. Supposedly, this was another way to divide the Gringo from his means.

God was once more observation finished me and I did not have any fighting patch in Tijuana, but I was wary and did not human activity long-dated.

Throughout my passage intersectant Canada, it was xl degrees downwards nothing.

I had purchased a goose-down man-made fiber enclosed jacket near a tough on beside solid gloves and boots. It seemed same the juncture fundamental measure linking rides took untold longest in Canada and I could ofttimes see forty-feet dignified snow drifts as I awaited my side by side 'guardian angel' to pick me up.

Suddenly it occurred to me that, if God had not been watching finished me, I could have cold to release.

After six months, and ten cardinal miles of traveling, I ultimately found my way back fur to Florida, eased that I did not demand that goose-down coat any long.

In the germ of my visit I cloth gone but, as I chronic my travels, my belief and be aware of of connection near God continued to vegetate. So substantially did I perceive this that, when I returned to college, I was filled of enthusiasm and anticipation for the proposed knowing, if the Lord could position so many terrific nation in my footsteps to support me in my passage in a circle the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that I could effectuate only just give or take a few anything.

Over the years, as I proportional from college, two postgraduate programs, and establishing my own family, I knew that God was near me, and would never move off me wasted in America.



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