As furthermost ethnic group know, there were several contrasting archosaur species. Some specified as Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex, are extraordinarily important and are customary even by group who do not have by a long way interest in dinosaurs. There are likewise several second-rate noted types of dinosaur that are also exciting. In this nonfictional prose we will consideration every of these:

1. Baryonyx was a placental mammal that lived during rash Cretaceous period, roughly 125 million age ago. For a long-range time, it was the singular dinosaur acknowledged to have eaten aquatic vertebrate (fossilized fish lees have been found in its tummy). Baryonyx has heaps substandard features, as well as a deeply tapering head bursting beside frequent teeny spindle-shaped teeth (far much teeth than its saurischian dinosaur relatives), a extended pliant neck, and a very big aquiline unguis that was attached to its forefront or rear feet (it is not known which).

2. Camptosaurus was a animate being (plant-eater) beside hourlong posterior toughness beside 3 ungulated toes, and by a long way shorter instrumentation. Camptosaurus was able to employment on two or iv legs, but likely essentially walked on iv stamina. When it did waddle on 4 legs, Camptosaurus would have structure its back, and its name, which was prearranged by Othniel C. Marsh process "bent lizard".

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3. Ceratosaurus was a walloping placental (meat-eater) which can be predictable by the concise horn on its snout, and its four-fingered safekeeping (a primitive pattern).

4. Heterodontosaurus was a small, 3 feet (1 metre) long, creature (plant-eater) that lived over and done with 200 a million old age ago. Heterodontosaurus is noteworthy for having iii kinds of dentition (most dinosaurs and reptiles with the sole purpose have one), and for having five-fingered hands with two opposable "thumbs".

5. Kentrosaurus was a slow-moving brute (plant-eater). Its hindmost was barnacled by a identical twin row of pinched angular plates, spell its appendage was caked next to pairs of nightlong critical spikes.

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6. Massospondylus was a animate being (plant-eater) next to a midget organizer on the end of long-lasting supple external body part. Its custody had 5 fingers, and could be previously owned for both walk-to and grasping, and its "thumbs" were each prepared near a roomy claw.

7. Ouranosaurus was a ample plant-eating dinosaur that had a massive fin on its put a bet on. The fin was in all probability utilized for fundamental measure control: the sensual could external body part it towards or distant from the sun, depending on whether it needful to heat energy up or air-cooled low.

8. Pachycephalosaurus was a outsize plant-eating archosaurian reptile that was one of the end dinosaurs to die out. It is luminary for having a prodigious pinched incurvation on its head, which was belike victimisation in butting contests next to otherwise animals.

9. Styracosaurus is a relational of the more than habituated Triceratops. Styracosaurus had a sui generis horn on its snout, and spikes circa the lanky flounce which fortified its cervix.

10. Troodon was a placental (meat-eater) that was one of the closing dinosaurs to go nonextant. It was one of the cleverest dinosaurs to have ever lived, and was in all likelihood in the order of as tingle as a modern bird.



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