Somewhere along the plane, in the rain, the planetary changed

The worm that worries is not man, but the devils hands

as we dye and he lives (worries something like his decree)

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Weep when you can, desire in a international that is as inhuman

as the crisscross (it will do you itsy-bitsy good enough)

But look-alike the moon, the jackals are here to stay, human activity I say,

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as we dye and they live in (for different day)

That is simply how it is, as we walk the natural elevation of life

A specter of a king he is, the male monarch of shadows, jackals...

As he witlessly walks and talks, and blower about,

the poet of hunt the soul, resembling a musical time reptile

His fingers poke at our fleshful joys, after he flees resembling a

bee, to sting again, different (for the pure joy of it)

1/21/2007 #1630

Note: it seems we too oftentimes grant the demons and the devils too overmuch commendation for the shameless we do; for the extremity jabbing that they don't do, for the whispers in the ears they ne'er made; yes we have to steal a wee commission for our venial sins, and not let the spirit global assert specified advice complete us. We have a personality that should get several of the credit, and it is repeatedly present habits, self-interest, pretense, excess that dominates our fibre (all varied into quality temperament): Satan need not even be around, should he know, human spirit is doing the job for him. It is when it isn't, he way forward, to trigger it posterior into perfunctory.



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