There are a mixed bag of record systems available, apposite for bidding to discussion signal. If you but have a digital cd mechanism, at hand is a apt indiscriminate that it will journal a miscellany of distinct data file types for antithetical purposes. This article aims to treat these contrasting types and suggest the apposite one for you, depending on your condition. If you are fixed considering which digital signal appliance to purchase then you have the possibleness to weigh up the profile types it will assemble back you buy.

If you do not cognise what record types you are in working condition with, you can bring up to date by looking at the record delay. This is the set of cardinal parcels that go the dot, as in, for example, 'interview.wav'

The opposite wallet types all have advantages and disadvantages for aural test services, the supreme plain of which is a tradeoff between superior and report volume. Sound files can be very, severely gigantic if they are not compressed, but compaction is 'lossy'; in else speech a thoroughgoing or 'lossless' audio file has been understood and compressed, which removes notes that is thoughtful redundant, following in attenuate aural quality, which can incentive hitches for the linguist.

It may ab initio appear measurable that you and your transcriptionist want the cream of the crop level but in fact, tons lossy formats have a minimum select loss but are more than smaller files. If you are preparation to email files for written communication to your transcriptionist, the supremacy of a 2MB file, as opposed to one 40MB in size, should be obvious! No sound database of any dimension is small, but at lowest possible it is at all to email a 2MB file for written text. Most feature providers will not permit a 50MB file through, and even if they did it could payoff work time to download, block both your email and your transcriptionist's. More and more transcriptionists are victimisation a group which bypasses email; you can any upload files straight to their website or send away your files victimisation a bare folder interchange promulgation. However, even these options have precincts to the record sizes as a preside over.

It besides meriting noting that depending on the sound reproduction software beingness utilised for transcription, your transcriptionist may merely be able to drama back trustworthy folder types. Some scabbard practically all digital directory types patch others are more limited, so it is meriting checking original.

The 'right' folder manner and attributes for you and your transcriptionist will besides be on what the end of your video recording is. If it is a dictation, a lower healthy standard will lifeless kit out a clear ample sign for a digital written text.

If you are video recording a absorption group, for example, wherever various nation are sitting at differing distances from the recording machine and talking at opposite levels and pitches, you will probably want a greater clatter prime to suit this.

Your soundtrack apparatus may permit you to set contradictory attributes for the same report like. This can gross an titanic gap to the grumble prime and extent of the file, and accordingly the transcription quality. In whichever cases, for trial bid (one soul muttering into machine, in a silent environment) you can probably expend to loose fit select and the tape will yet be pellucid for transcription. In else cases (focus groups, swishing environments) you may brainstorm you status to go for a slightly bigger record scope in demand to allege respectable murmur ability.

Attributes are recurrently shown as Hz. 8,000kHz mono is applicable for dictation and the reach goes up to 44,100kHz stereo, which is the top quality, nearly new for music CDs.

Examples of differing directory formats and quite a lot of fine points around their use in written communication follow:

WAVeform Audio (.wav)

WAVeform Audio (.wav) is a rife record data formatting and was one of the initial auditory communication profile types industrialized for use near the PC. It is lossless, but by and large severely sizeable. This system that you will likely need to transport the files on a CD, a bit consequently emailing them, although some transcriptionists, with myself, on my site , have a set of laws whereby you can convey outsized files via the internet without victimization email. You definitely necessitate a broadband connection, or similar, to apply these effectively but.
Warning! Not all wav files are the same! Although they all end .wav, depending on the recorder, you and your polyglot may have need of a specific 'codec' to skip it rear. An information is Sanyo; a working class and quite priced cassette set-up but one that chronicles definitely Sanyo wav files. You should scrutinize that your transcriptionist has the expertise to get down Sanyo wavs. If not, Sanyo may obligate by causation out the connected codec on CD, if you ask them nicely!

The consequent types are all lossy, but mostly the undamaged trait revise is nominal and you will release of great magnitude time and resources with slashed conveyance modern times. This is not an complete enumerate of all audio record types; nearby are a immense number. It aims to sheath most of the types filmed by unclaimed written language code.

MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)

This is a shut WAV profile recurrently used in music. Many digital dictation recorders will likewise account mp3 or allow you to history WAV and later clamp together to mp3 to transport on for written language. The compressed files will be around a ordinal the sized of WAV files.

Windows Media Audio (.wma)

Windows Media Audio (.wma) was developed for Windows Media Player which is bundled with all Windows-based PCs these days. It is even more than packed down than an MP3, to just about one ordinal the largeness of a .wav, but presumably retentive the untested grumble power. I have to say that in my experience of transcribing I am not positive whether this has ever been the case.

Digital Speech Standard (.dss)

In my experience, best sound reproduction code used for written language will theatre .dss files. If not, in that is a out download addressable on the Olympus piece of ground. I admit .dss was matured by Olympus and nigh all, but not all, Olympus recorders will evidence .dss files. Lanier and Grundig recorders likewise collectively use .dss. The wallet mass is shrivelled by twelve to 20 times, as compared to a WAV file, and is just the thing for written text as it is slim and smooth to email.


This is Sony's statement to the .dss directory. It is a unbelievably significantly tight file, but dry for voice, and its elfin scope makes it awfully painless to send away by email.

Encrypted bid (.dct)

Often previously owned for medical transcription, which requires particularly graduate confidentiality, these recordings are encrypted at the sign end and have need of to be decrypted on getting by the translator. A wide-spreading collection of sound reproduction package will business next to these files.

TrueSpeech from DSP Group

TrueSpeech, from the DSP group, was designed for of your own computers and of your own branch of knowledge disposition. It has remarkably lofty compaction ratios go from 15:1 to 27:1. If you are competent to diary this data format it is in all likelihood primo enclosed to use near dictation or matched examination in a peaceable environment. It is likely too lossy for immersion groups etc.

There are a unbroken host of other directory types free so don't fuss if the species that your device produces is not catalogued preceding. Contact your VA and s/he will probably be able to help you, or at slightest component you in the exact route.

CD Audio folder (.cda)

These files are model recordings onto CD, and are mostly the record species of auditory communication files bought no CD. As I work out it (not too well!) the CDA is actually retributory a form of hide database that says this is a folder on a CD, and the inherent folder is in all likelihood a roller data file or one of the another record types planned preceding. Most transcript recorders will not copy to CDA but if you are having a nonrecreational cd ready-made of a confab or sequence of lectures, for example, you may symptomless brainstorm yourself near CDA files. Most transcript software system will not activity with CDA formatting. There are a figure of way to human CDA files but these can be high-priced and/or event intense. Transcriptionists specialising in digital written communication will belike be able to transcribe these files but you may be charged a surcharge for the occurrence understood in converting them to a operational data format. There are a choice of converters available, but one that I have in use successfully, and that provides a examination version, is Easy CD Ripper, a software system near a full structural action revision that can be downloaded from miscellaneous places with

You will likely have solitary a set gamut of data file types forthcoming for your transcription, depending on your soundtrack equipment, but any outfit should supply you next to a ambit of options depending on your desires. If you have the opportunity it is always a upright thought to trade name a exam cd near the settings that you think will be apt. Then dramatic play it back, or dispatch it to your transcriptionist to dance back, in bidding to supervise that the din level is satisfactory.

Finally, I would rightful similar to say that this numbers is supported on my penetration and suffer of digital transcription. I cannot surely underwrite its truth but would be unbelievably interested to comprehend of any errors and thankful to correct them. Similarly if you touch that within is an high-status borough I have not covered, satisfy let me cognize and I will do my most select to merged it.

This nonfictional prose is copyright, Anne Hickley, 2007.



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