Shaolin Temple in Henan province, China is far-famed inclusive for its peaceful-looking monks who achieve undreamt of kung fu stunts.

For a longitudinal time, I have been mesmerized by the military arts skills of Shaolin monks. How are these monks competent to undertake such as astonishing feats?

The response lies in Zen. Zen is the wisdom down Shaolin and it is what makes Shaolin Kung Fu alone and prodigious. In fact, the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple is the baby's bed of Zen and Kung Fu.

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Zen is stout for Zen Buddhism and is the Japanese version of the Chinese expression Chan. Chan itself is modified from the Sanskrit language unit Dhyana which means "meditation".

So, how did Chan Buddhism and Kung Fu locomote almost at Shaolin Temple?

In the legends of Shaolin, one illustration towers ended all others - Damo. It was Damo who introduced Zen and kung Fu to Shaolin.

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The yarn goes that just about 1,500 years ago, an Indian monk by the designation Bodhidharma - or Damo as the Chinese hail as him - arrived on the Southern shores of China in today's Gaungzhou.

Passing finished Nanjing, and travel the Yangtze River, Damo walked in the northern way until he reached Shaolin Temple. He told the Buddha's teachings to the Shaolin monks, but he was shown the door.

Damo people to a natural enclosure in the mountains dominating Shaolin. There he sat facing a big beat and meditated so severely that his symbol was etched onto it! After ix years, the Shaolin monks arranged that Damo made cognizance after all and invitational him hindermost to the house of god as their chief.

What did Damo do in these cardinal years? He supported a Chinese panache of Buddhism titled Chan (Zen). In Chan, everything a causal agent does is contemplation if the person's noesis is one beside the task, be it lavation dishes, chopping wood, sitting tenderly or preparation in soldierly humanities.

Damo fictional a self-protection art called Eighteen Lohan Hands supported on the drills of animals he saw in the mountains. This he educated the Shaolin monks so they could make a fuss of themselves from mad animals and bandits.

He also created Yijinjing or Muscle-Tendon Change Classic, a progression of yoga-like workout to come together qi flow so the monks had much animation to run through Zen.

Damo believed that somatic habituation calloused the thing and gum olibanum allowed the brain to turn stronger. A rugged noesis could consequently charge a wild body in occurrence.

An passage from the fully illustrated children's narrative "Shaolin - Legends of Zen and Kung Fu" (0-9733492-3-9) by Kah Joon Liow, 32 pages, includes original 3D-animated romance "Enter The Zen" on DVD, published by SilkRoad Networks (Canada), Sept 2006, US$26.95, With the participation of MDA. Copyright 2006, SilkRoad Networks Inc and MDA.



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