If you need some serve near ink and printing terms, this booth will help you. The ensuing gloss should back you savvy the critical concepts that dictate the art and subject field of ink use.


oThe spreading and weakened transference of circumpolar light in its interchange with matter, consequent in the modification of its color.


oThe character of objects as ocular attributes, such as as size, shape, color, texture, glossiness, transparency and intensity.


oColors are repeatedly represented by their attributes of hue, saturation or chroma, and fluffiness.


oDistinct pattern alterations, rather than a sleek change of state of flag or other personal estate in a angle. Occurs in sustained delivery imagery once displayed victimisation smaller quantity than 24 bits of digital substance or if printing gradients without sufficient colour information.


oThe absence of reflected light; the color that is produced once an baulk absorbs all wavelengths from the night light wellspring. When 100% of cyan, chromatic and wan are combined, the consequent color should be black, but in realness produces a mucky achromatic or buff. Therefore in four-color function printing, black is one of the act inks. The message "K" is previously owned to be a symbol of black in the CMYK word form to secern it from "B" for cobalt in RGB.


oThe width of the reflective characteristic of a intermediate. Different gleam levels can effect changes in the facade of colour on the moderate requiring adjustments in activity to bring home the bacon optimum issue.


oChecking, adjusting and consistently standardizing the graduations of a machinery.


oIn exteroception perception, once an region appears drenched beside a focused color or hue. For example, a red apple is soaring in chroma; delicate colors are low. Black, light-colored and gray have no intensity. Part of the colour model, L*C*H or lightness, chroma, hue. Also referred to as permeation.


oCommission International de l'Eclairage or the International Commission on Illumination, which is the prevalent worldwide organization attentive near colour and color height.


oThe subtractive primaries cyan, chromatic and wan.
Color Calibration:

oCoordination of the color fitting involving two or more than digital tendency by routine by arms or software system.

Color Curve:

oVisual device in exposure and nontextual matter computer code to salute colour measurements and spawn pitch changes in an photo.

Color Separation:

oPhotographic or physics act for creating patterns of plates for respectively component of a color extraterrestrial. In printing, for example, separating the cyan, magenta, washed out and dark components of a folio mental image.

Color Wheel:

oAn agreement of the visible spectrum's continuum of flag in a disc fashion, that has inessential colors, specified as red and green, settled disparate from each remaining.


oMaterials previously owned to devise colors, specified as dyes, pigments, toners and phosphors.


oDevice that measures color belief in relation to a circumstantial set of standards, such as as CIE. Enables activity of differences in flag more perfectly than the quality eye.


oThe "redless" act colour. It absorbs all red wavelengths and reflects all dark-blue and innocent wavelengths of lighting.


oUnit of activity of the perceptible disparity in a color by the quality eye.


oDevice used to manoeuvre the density of bedside light by technique of its sorption by a substrate or surface of unreal or moving picture. This is achieved any by contemplation or sending.


oThe competency of a objects to absorb street light. The darker the material, the highly developed the denseness.

Digital Printer:

oPrinting device that translates digital information into knotty mock-up yield.


oA method that simulates glasses of grey or color variations by differing sizes and shapes of pel groups alternatively of an ordered range of engraving dots. This reduces the contrast concerning dots of distinct colors or dark glasses and yields a more flowing, organic hollow.

Dot Gain:

oThe effect that is delineated once particular dots in a engraving peak or other specified patterns black and white out bigger than their conscious size, subsequent in a dark of the figure.

Dots per Inch (DPI):

oMeasurement that describes the written document of print files by activity the cipher of separate pixels drawn any horizontally or vertically in one square linear unit.


oColored chemical that dissolves quite in dampen or some other solvent; as opposed to pigments, which are insoluble.

Dye Sublimation:

oColor printing engineering that produces metaphors by money of frothy dyes finished a thermic printing operator.
Enhanced Gamut Color:

oWhen correctly white method colors, as a matter of course bluish green and magenta, are in use near CMYK to devise more vivacious colors and a continuous-tone outcome.

Expanded Gamut Color:

oWhen added colors, normally untried and orange, are written next to CMYK to light a greater cipher of flag than make by CMYK alone.

Fluorescent Lamp:

oA solid tube occupied beside atomic number 80 gas and whose enclosed opencast is oily with phosphors. Once the gas is negatively charged beside electrical current, radiation is make which afterwards energizes the phosphors and causes them to shine.

Four-Color Process:

oPrinting or otherwise mental imagery with combinations of the reductive primaries of cyan, magenta, yellowish and achromatic. These are deposited as dots of distinguishable sizes, shapes and angles to compose the figment of the imagination of nothing like colors.


oThe band of colors that can be understood by a color quintessence or generated by a specialised tool.

Gamut Compression:

oAlso better-known as tonal-range compaction. The coordinates of a color universe near a larger range are diminished to abide by beside the lesser range of a finish colour scope. For example, the reach of photographic moving-picture show is crushed for study in the minor CMYK orbit in four-color procedure printing.


oThe passage between two colors or involving dark and no color which is created by combination percentages of the preponderating and supplemental colour and afterwards alternating them to nurture the desired effect.


oThe act of reproducing an portrait as a phase of variable-sized dots inwardly a known facility.


oColor-matching rules from Pantone, Inc. that is previously owned with high-fidelity color systems and devices.

Hi-Fi Color:

oPrinting system that extends the tonal capabilities of furthermost writing presses by employing stochastic screening, six-color writing and new techniques to build up the achievable colour orbit over and done the old-fashioned abilities of four-color processes.


oThe fundamental color of an physical object as defined by its angular rank in a cylindrical color space, or on a Color Wheel.


oPrinting activity where on earth fluid ink is propelled at a substrate, specified as thesis or film, to word characters and artwork. There are cardinal kinds of inkjet printing: thermal, electricity and form transform.


oSaturation, or ruminative light, in proportion to panoptical wavelengths of standard lamp. The coefficient of wavelengths at superior extremity generates swollen saturation or color property.


oElectromagnetic radiation in the spectral compass that is noticeable by the human eye (approximately 380 to 720 nm).

Light Magenta/Light Cyan (LM-LC):

oMuted or watery forms of the two direct colors. When superimposed to CMYK these glasses food more hotchpotch in dot color and instinctive constant quality of sound printing.


oThe attribute that makes an district expel or echo much or smaller amount hurricane lantern. Also refers to the representation by which white objects are of import from gray, and oil lamp from menacing objects.


oDescribes the glare of an image.


oThe "greenless" course of action color. It absorbs all wavelengths of light-green from light, patch reflecting all red and dark blue wavelengths.

Nanometer (Nm):

oThe width of wavelengths. Unit of dimension equal to 109 meters, or one ordinal of a millimetre.


oDescribes the unfriendliness of wishy-washy ephemeral through a substance.

Pantone Matching System (PMS):

oUnique numbering grouping for distinguishing colors created by combinations of standard SWOP inks.


oA plus that expresses the amount of tartness or basicity of a medicine.

Phase Change Inkjet:

oInkjet printing course of action employing the melting of thick ink plugs and afterwards diffusion the droplets on media.

Piezo Inkjet:

oInkjet printing manoeuvre that uses physical phenomenon pulses from electricity crystals to provoke and constrain ink finished inkjet nozzles onto substrates.


oColorant that cannot be dissolved in a liquid. In inks, produces sharper, darker similes on a wider stock of prairie written document.


oA small montage section that contains red, light-green and blue-black figures for colour rendering on a display or scanner. Pixels on a silver screen are equal to dots of ink on paper. Monitor resolve is represented in language of pixels-per-inch (ppi), piece skilled worker written document is measured in dots-per-inch (dpi).

Pixels per Inch (PPI):

oThe number of pixels in a rastar figure that ensue in one chain on one linear unit. The greater the pixels, the difficult the agreement.
Primary Color:

oColors that are the bases for other than flag. In light, the foremost colours are red, luxuriant and dark (RGB). In color photographic printing, they are cyan, magenta and pale (CMY). Black or key (K) is added as a quaternary ink to CMY writing to create denser, truer blacks and clearer, scammer similes.

Print On Demand:

oTerm for a miscellany of short-term publishing processes that consist of laser copier technologies and direct-to-press applications.


oTriangular-shaped cup or other pellucid matter done which, once reading light is passed, its wavelengths subject into a rainbow of colors. A demo that muted is unexcitable of colors and proof of the formation of colours in the perceptible spectrum.

Process Color:

oCyan, magenta, pallid and black common to invent a new color.

Raster Image Processor (RIP):

oSoftware and/or weaponry nearly new to person digital writing to gossip requisite by a skilled worker or remaining contraption to cultivate smooth production. This behaviour is commonly called "ripping" (a data file).


oThe aptitude of a outward to bounciness put money on numerous or all of the wavelengths of lighting that strikes it.


oThe numeral of dots or samples-per-inch that a appliance is skilful of recognizing or producing.


oThe additive capital colors: red, raw and navy.


oColor attribute that expresses the grade of goodbye from the dull grey of the said buoyancy. Also noted as intensity.


oThe writ in which inks are deposited by a writing implement. In CMYK inkjets the series is yellow, magenta, blue-green and achromatic.

Spectral Curve:

oA ocular delineation of a color's spectral information as the color's "fingerprint". A array sweep is aforethought on a framework comprised of a vertical axis of the rank of reflection factor intensity, and a level axis describing the ocular array of wavelengths. The pct of echolike restrained at respectively amount is plotted as points on a semicircle.

Spectral Data:

oThe furthermost truthful gloss of the color of an jib. Since an object's color look results from feathery man transformed by it and reflected to the viewer, spectral accumulation describes how that reflected muted was changed. The percentage of reflected street light is sounded at individual intervals across its array of wavelengths, which is consequently visually portrayed as a spectral bend.


oAn gizmo that measures the characteristics of pale that is any echolike from or sent through with an purpose.


oThe spatial composition of magnetic attraction physical phenomenon in conformity to size of distance.


oThe abstraction wherever printing accumulation is held in a computer's recall or baffling thrust spell queuing to a printing instrumentality.

Specifications for Web Offset Printing (SWOP):

oFormulations for inks in use in web cancel out presses.


oAn settled and accredited citation in opposition which contrivance measurements are evaluated.

Subtractive primaries:

oCyan, magenta and yellowish. The intangible aggregation of the 3 at 100% might should breed black on light-colored insubstantial. Their concurrence at variable intensities produces a gamute of colors. Combining two primaries at 100% creates any the red, untried or bluish summative particular.

Cyan magenta=blue. Cyan yellow=green. Magenta yellow=red.

Surface Tension:

oThe forces of coherence at the face of a liquefiable which cheer the susceptibility of a watery to mute its publicized outward to the minimum sphere. Molecules within a watery are attracted commonly from all sides, but those in the vicinity the elevation submit yourself to unlike attractions and are in this manner worn towards the middle of the fluid mass by this net bully.

Thermal Drop-on-Demand:

oInkjet printing act where inks are heated in a enclosure preceding the print guide to a temperature greater than their oppressive ingredient. The heat alters and expands the characteristics of the ink, which is past expelled through the herald onto the matter.


oThe acceptable contrast involving the renowned word-perfect middling and a set of sounded samples. See Delta Error.


oThe internal rasping to flowing exhibited by a liquor.

Visible Spectrum:

oThe vicinity in the magnetic attraction array between 380 and 720 nanometers. Wavelengths in this duration food color as viewed by the quality eye. Shorter wavelengths start off violets, purples and blues, time longer wavelengths follow in oranges and reds.


oMeasurement of lighter-than-air as a component of magnetism waves. The distance is the peak-to-peak spatial arrangement relating two adjacent side.


oPure ashen is the "blueless" color. It absorbs all wavelengths of bluish from light, and reflects all red and green wavelengths.

These momentary inkjet statement definitions will aid you with definite jargon of wordbook which rest on the tableland of ink.



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